Thursday, 28 June 2012

OOTD: Night In The Pub

Hey guys,
So here is an outfit I wore the other night when I went to the pub for a few drinks with my friends! :)

Vest – Dorothy Perkins

Waistcoat – Matalan

Skinny Jeans – Dorothy Perkins

Dolly Shoes – Outlet Store

Nails – ImPress Salon Manicure

So I hope you guys like this short and sweet little post!

Have any of you had any new OOTD’s recently?

Lots of Love

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

ImPRESS Press-on Manicure - Review

Hey Guys,

I hope you are all okay! I have been a little slack this week on my blogging again! *SmackHand* I have been so busy with working and beginning to start everything out for the house move! Also just as an added note, I passed my driving theory today! *YAYYY* 1st time and everything!

Anyway onto the actual post, over this weekend I decided to try out my ImPRESS Press-on Manicure. I had from Friday afternoon off work until Monday morning, nails are not a great thing for me to have for work as I work behind a bar so nail varnish gets chipped very easily and DIY false nails just come off when im washing glasses etc. so as I knew that I was going out this weekend for a couple of different things I decided to give them a go, I got soooo many compliments about them and absolutely loved them. They were so easy to apply, all you have to do is find the right size for your nails, peel off the backing and press them on. As easy as that!! I would definitely try them again as I found that they stayed on great!

This second picture is actually one that my best friend’s sister posted on her Instagram when I saw her in the pub on Sunday night and she actually captioned it ‘REEM NAILS!’ which I was very impressed with!

Have any of you tried these nails? If so what did you think?

Lots of Love

Friday, 22 June 2012

Some Little Announcements

Hi Everyone,

So I hope that you have all noticed the changes that I have made to my blog.

I now have a new name BeautyByNumbers, it has taken me so long to actually come up with a name that I like that is why I had just a normal name to begin with. Along with me having a new name I now have an email address where you can email me anything if you would like too? I have also made myself a twitter account! @beautybynumbers Exciting stuff!

So I hope that you all enjoy the new look and feel of everything. If you have any suggestions for anything please let me know!

Lots of love

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Owl??

Hi Guys,

So, this is going to be one of the most random posts that I have ever done! I was just sat in my bedroom listening to music and reading a few blogs when I thought that this would be a random post to share with you guys!

I have a little bit of a random obsession with owls at the moment, (how many times have I said random already *HAHA*) it all started with my Auntie! We are practically like best friends, and we have such a laugh together and a standing joke between us is anything that you would normally say ‘an’ infront of we say A. Confused? Well basically like

A egg

A envelope


Yes we are very strange but it just makes us laugh, and it is quite fun to try and say things like that because it does get a bit tricky, and it sounds hilarious!

So yea this is where it comes from, and basically at the moment everything owlish *real word?* I think is amazing!

I took this picture in HobbyCraft the other week, I sent it to my auntie off my phone because it’s a random thing we do.

Then when my Auntie and Uncle were away at a festival the other weekend she sent me this picture of my Uncle with a massive owl statue at the festival!

I am currently looking for an owl keyring and I also want a tshirt!

Yes I know that this is the most random thing ever but I just thought I’d share it with you!

Do any of you have a random obsession?

Lots of Love



Monday, 18 June 2012

7 Things for 7 Days

Hi guys,

So im sure that you all read SprinkleOfGlitter’s blog, I know I certainly check it a lot to see what she has updated.

I had a look today just after I had uploaded my Liverpool Haul post and saw this post she uploaded.

I think that this is such an amazing idea! I for one need to get more organised and put some motivation back into myself.

So here it goes!

1.       De-Clutter – As you may know I am moving house in around 4 weeks, which is a ridiculously short time to move everything! We are renting out or house and moving into my step-dads house! EXCITING, however I have SOOOOOO much stuff! Since I moved back from University my bedroom has looked like a bomb has hit it, and I really want my new bedroom to look pretty and nice, so I am going to basically get rid of crap!

2.       Sort Out – this is kind of along the same lines as number 1, but a heck of a lot of my stuff that I bought back from University is still in bags in my Nan and Grandad’s garage, and has been for about 2 months now! As we are going to need to put some of our things from this house (mainly stuff from downstairs) I think that I need to sort it all out. It is mainly plates and that kind of thing but still it needs sorting out.

3.       Revise – I have got my driving theory test booked! *SCAREDDD* and I really want to pass it on my 1st attempt. Yes I know I am quite old for not even doing my theory test but hay ho. Since I got my car back in April I have been working towards passing my driving test and once I have passed my theory I will be able to take my test, so wish me luck guys!

4.       Save – this means money! I spend so much money on ridiculous things, and if I am going to be driving soon I am going to need to have some money saved up for if anything maybe goes wrong with my car *TOUCH WOOD* or for petrol or anything like that.

5.       Make – this refers to my own lunch for work. As I work at a Golf Club, there is a chef there for the shifts that I work, so I either get him to make me something for my lunch or I go to the shop and buy something that I can stick in the microwave. Which links again to number 4, I want to make myself some nice healthy lunches that I can maybe warm up when I am at work or eat cold, if anyone has any suggestions leave them as a comment!

6.       Decide – on what I am actually going to need to buy for my new bedroom and start planning when I can go and buy stuff or if it needs to be ordered to be picked up or delivered at a later date. I know that I already have some beautiful antique wardrobes, a vanity and chest of drawers in my bedroom (which are amazing may I add) but I know that I have not got any bedside tables or a bookcase, which are 2 things that I really want. So I need to make a decision on what I am going to do and where things are going to be able to fit in my new bedroom.

7.       Schedule – I am really enjoying blogging and the blogging community at the moment and I need to either schedule myself some time to do posts each day or like tonight where the BOYF is watching the football on telly *SNORE* I can just sit and write a few posts and then just publish them at a later date. I do also get horrendous mental blocks! So alongside this, when I do get an idea I need to note it down so I can actually do it later!

So guys here are my 7 things to try and get stuck into!

Who else is going to join in Louise’s willpower booster?

Lots of Love



Mini Liverpool Haul

Hi Guys,
So today I went to Liverpool to hand my keys back in for my flat when I was at University. So me and my Nan decided that we would go for a little wander around the shops after we had finished. So here is a mini haul for you of what I got,

So first of all I bought Marie Claire magazine, which had a free Ciate nail polish in with it, I got the colour Purple Sherbet and I absolutely love the colour

Then I got the imPRESS press on manicure nails in a really pretty flowery design. Im really excited to try these out, I don’t think I have used ‘stick on’ nails since I was about 13.

I then got the M.A.C Studio Tech Foundation in NC15, I have wanted this for ages and actually decided to jump in and get it today.

Then this is a very random addition to this haul, I got the Bobble filter water bottle, I drink a lot of water and I already have a Brita filter jug in my fridge but my mum  bought one of these each for my Auntie and Uncle for Christmas and I have wanted one ever since, Yes I know its quite sad but I don’t really care! *hehe* I am all for weird and wonderful gadgets.

Lastly I got the Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry, this again has been something that I have wanted for a while but haven’t actually been able to find in the Boots or Superdrug near to me, so I was very excited when I found it today.

Anyway guys that Is it for my little haul today,

Have any of you guys bought any new products recently?

Lots of Love



Saturday, 9 June 2012

All Used Up - May 2012

Hey Guys,

So I decided at the start of last month that I would keep my empty products for a blog post, as I absolutely love reading empties posts and watching empties videos on Youtube. So these are probably more than a month’s worth of products here so there may not be this many every month, but I am on a bit of a ‘use everything up’ mission at the moment as I am moving house in around 4 weeks *YAYYYY*

1.       Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel – Radiant Apricot

I really liked this to be honest, but I don’t know if I will re-purchase it. Me and my mum share shave gel and we normally just but what is on offer at the time depending on where we go. I however do love the smell of this one so if it is on offer next time I see it, it will definitely be in my basket!  

2.       Clinique Deep Comfort Body Wash

I have had this for a while, my Nan bought me a set of the body was, body lotion and body scrub, I used the body scrub up quite quickly and I still have about half of the body lotion left. I do really like this body wash it foams up great and makes your skin feel really clean afterwards. It doesn’t really have a smell; it just smells like every other Clinique product. Even though I did really like this I do not think that I would repurchase it because for a body wash it is quite expensive and I have quite a few more to use up before I buy any more.

3.       Dove Go Fresh Nourishing Body Wash – Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena

This used to be my staple body wash, I absolutely love the smell, texture and how it foams up. I think it’s a great price, (as I used to buy it in ASDA) I think this will definitely be the one that I go back to after I have used up all the other ones I have!

4.       V05 Cherish My Colour Conditioner

I actually really liked this conditioner, I used it with the shampoo as well, but I always seem to use the conditioner quicker than the shampoo. I do think that it kept my hair colour vibrant and it did leave my hair really smooth and soft. I think that I would repurchase it, if I didn’t always want to try new hair products.

5.       Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner

Now even though what I said before that I very rarely repurchase hair products, I am definitely going to repurchase this one; I only have the small bottle because I do not use it every time I wash my hair. I use it as a bit of a hydration treatment when I am just chilling in the bath about once a week. I think I should probably get the version of this that is actually a mask. So that might be my next purchase, but I think that this is a great conditioner; it smells great and leaves my hair so unbelievably soft. An absolute winner in my eyes.

6.       Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam

This is one of my Holy Grail products. I have already repurchased it; I did so the day after I ran out of this one. It is one of the best skincare products I have used for spot prone skin. I also have the step 2 in this system from Clinique and love that too! I really love foaming cleansers. This one doesn’t dry my skin out at all, and just makes it feel really clean and I feel that it does really work on my spots as well.

7.       Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

I didn’t actually buy this myself, I asked my nan to get me the eye make-up remover that I normally use and she couldn’t find it so bought me this one, it was good and it did get my make-up off, but I really didn’t like the smell of it. The one I normally use doesn’t have a smell and this does. I also thought that it stung my eyes more than the one I normally use. Most eye makeup removers sting my eyes, I don’t think I have ever found one that doesn’t at all. But I don’t think that I would repurchase this one again! I have bought my normal one now this is ran out!

8.       Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS! I used to use the Body Shop Mango Scrub and I liked that but I found that it went really bitty on my skin and didn’t go on smooth at all, this does! It is the best body scrub I have ever tried! The smell is amazing as well. I agree with most people that say that it smells like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume! (Which is next on my list of perfume I want) I have already repurchased the full size tub as this was the small one. This is without a doubt my new favourite body scrub!

9.       Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

This is such an amazing night time moisturiser! I love it! This is a small sample size of it and I have almost used a whole full size tub too, I just love the consistency of it, as it is a Gel Crème. It’s just so smooth and really makes me feel moisturised from the second I put it one to the morning. I have got another small pot of this which I keep at my boyfriend’s house. I have bought a different day and night moisturiser from No7 to give a try because no matter how much I love this one, it is just so expensive! So we will see if I love the No7 one as much or if I will revert back to this one!

10.   Clinique Superdefence SPF25

This was my day moisturiser until I used this up and bough the No7 one to go with the night cream. I did really like it and loved the fact that it has SPF in it, but again it is very expensive. I have also recently bought a Garnier facial SPF so I do not really need one in my moisturiser. I do have another little pot of this at my boyfriend’s house, I am going to say the same about this as the Moisture Surge, if I like the No7 one more then I am going to stick with that but only time will tell.

11.   Estee Lauder Signature Face Powder

This is actually the only make-up product that I have used up recently! I got this as a sample from the counter in my local boots, it is in the shade 12 – Translucent and was a fabulous colour on me, which I really find hard in powders. I absolutely adore loose powder so I loved this and I don’t think I have a bad word to say about this! I have not yet looked at the price so I am not sure how much it is full size, depending on that will determine whether I repurchase it in full size or not.

So that was my empties for this month, I hope that you enjoyed the post, expect another at the end of this month, as I am keeping the Benefit bag under my desk to put all of my empties in.

Lots of Love



Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Natural Hair?

Hi guys, as you may know last week it was quite lovely and sunny in the UK, and even though I was working I was getting into the summery spirit, I wacked out all of my maxi dresses and tried to get myself a little bronzed, but the main thing that I decided on was not doing anything to my hair, so I had been having it natural. This is something that I have never really done, as my hair seems to have a mind of its own! However I found a few products that helped alot with my hair.

This is what I managed to achieve and I actually quite like it.

These are the 3 products that I have been using after I wash my hair when I have been leaving it to dry naturally.

Aussie Dual Personality - Coloured Hair Protection + Shine Serum
Creightons Perfect Colour - Sleek Shine Balm
Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance - Leave-In Conditioner

If you hadnt guessed I have coloured hair! I also use colour shampoo and conditioner. Firstly I spray in the leave-in conditioner and then comb it through with a wide tooth comb, I then add a small amount of the Shine Balm and do the same thing, once I have done that I leave it to dry naturally. once my hair is completely dry I put one pump of the serum into my hands and rub them together, and then distribute this evenly all through my hair.

That is basically all I do to achieve this look,

If you would like to see the other hair products that I use then let me know,

Lots of Love